What's Happening at FrES




Frametown Elementary School

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Mission Statement

   The mission for the faculty and staff of Frametown Elementary School is to engage, promote and partner with parents and community to ensure all students meet or exceed NextGen state academic standards while preparing students for success in the 21st Century.

Core Beliefs

  At Frametown Elementary School, we will prepare our students for the 21st Century be incorporating NextGen Learning strategies.  With this in mind, our core beliefs are as follows:

  •  A safe and secure environment fosters good teacher, learning and achievement.
  • Children come first.
  • All students can learn and be successful if given the opportunity.
  • High expectations should be challenging, foster responsibility and relevant to lifelong learning.
  • Educational success is a shared responsibility of parents, staff, students, and community.
  • Good character is defined by mutual respect, honest, fair treatment and integrity, and is the responsibility of everyone.
  • Faculty and staff will afford students all available access to technology.